Solar Energy System

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Solar energy creates clean, renewable energy from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce the carbon footprint at home and abroad and reduce greenhouse gases around the world. It is known that solar energy has a positive effect on the environment. The depreciation periods of the plants that generate electricity from the sun are approximately 4-6 years. This gives the opportunity to get ahead of other energy production methods. Maintenance of solar power plants is much easier than other energy facilities. Maintenance and operating costs are low.

Roofs of structures such as industrial facilities, factories, cold storage are frequently preferred by businesses to install solar energy systems. Rooftop SPP projects are used in large areas such as agriculture, livestock, storage areas, OIZs, hospitals, shopping malls, and fuel stations. It can be used in residential units where electrical energy cannot reach. The electricity needs of the houses are met with roof type GES systems. Thus, electricity is obtained in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner. It is possible to benefit from solar energy systems in agricultural production areas. It provides benefits such as irrigation, drying of agricultural products, generation of energy required for the facility. Solar energy is used in areas such as street lights, traffic lights, marker lights, parking lights and lighting. In the absence of electricity, these systems continue to work with batteries in order to avoid chaos in traffic. Solar energy generation has been used for many years in products such as calculators and wrist watches. Thanks to the fact that solar cells produce enough energy to run portable, small devices, they can work for years without the need for an additional energy source. With the developing technology, solar-powered charging areas have been made in public spaces recently. Thanks to the small solar panels installed, devices such as mobile phones and tablets can be charged via USB connection.

Energy is also stored when the sun's rays cannot be utilized. We cannot directly say that energy is stored. The heat or electricity obtained from the photons is converted and made ready for use by the systems in the panel. By storing unused electricity or heat energy, it enables us to obtain energy even when the sun's rays cannot be utilized.

Solar power plants (GES) are power plants that convert the energy parts from sunlight into electrical energy.

In the status of marginal farmland, Sloped and Flat, South facing etc. attention should be paid.

3.5 years in industrial facilities

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